Parasites and worms in humans are very common, but what is not common is the method and herbs to take to get rid of them. Most people are unaware of parasites and worms being their health problem. Many believe that their symptoms are related to some more profound medical cause. But the cause could simply be parasites and worms. Candida is a serious problem, as it is a parasite that if it is not handled or treated can cause arthritis, rheumatism, headaches, migraines, skin problems, digestive issues, joint pains and aches,  and even sexual problems. The worst of it is that most of us could be suffering from them and don’t even know it! it could be argued that most people in the world suffer from adverse health effects due to parasites.

Garlic (I know Dr. Sebi, 82 years of age say not to use it… it’s  
 an hybrid, and this is no disrespect to Dr. Sebi as he is possibly the greatest herbalist of our day, however, Bernando LaPallo, 113 [31 years older than Dr. Sebi] years of age eats it daily…and contributes it as one of the five foods that has given him longevity… “So, who are you going to go with?”) – Garlic is a natural antibiotic that detoxifies and rejuvenates all parts of the body. Viruses, fungi, yeast, bacteria, parasites, worms, cancer, and even vampires all hate garlic. It’s an amazing herb and the best in the business at killing bad bacteria etc, and best of all without killing good bacteria etc… It even chelates heavy metals (removes them from the body). Garlic is also a very powerful deterrent for blood sucking parasites like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas.

GRAVIOLA – It is a real miracle from the rainforest. This small tree is well-known in herbal medicine and has several names: Soursop, Brazilian Paw Paw, Guanabana. For a long time it has been widely applied by indigenous population to cure various illnesses and diseases. Graviola has been praised for its abilities to fight cancer cells, kill viruses, bacteria and parasites, as well as, to lower blood pressure, calm nerves, and prevent depression. 

HOPS – It is a natural tonic and has a calming effect on the nervous system and the heart. It is used to heal ease earache, toothache, headache, insomnia, nightmares, bed wetting, women morning sickness, digestive disorders (ulcers). It eliminates parasites. It improves the functions of the liver.

HYSSOP – It is a natural antibiotic. The mold that produces Penicillin grows on Hyssop leaves. It is used as a blood purifier of the eyes, kidneys, lungs, gall bladder, liver. It is excellent for insect bites, sinus congestion, childhood dis-eases, digestive disorders, nervous disorders, skin problems, inflammation, hoarseness, night sweats, sore throats and etc…   

LOBELIA – It is the most powerful natural relaxant in the herbal kingdom. It is excellent in removing obstructions from any part of the bodily system, including the blood vessels, veins, capillaries and arteries. It is good for fevers, colds, congestion, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, earaches, pain, infections, rheumatism, arthritis, and even kills parasites and worms.

PEACH LEAVES- Going by the ancient texts on herbs, the leaves of the peach tree possess the attribute to get rid of worms from our body.

RED CLOVER – Red Clover is an excellent blood purifier. It benefits the entire bodily system. It  has been known to restore fertility. It is especially good to calm the nerves, ease arthritis, rheumatism and bronchitis. It helps to heal skin problems, such as, acne, boils and psoriasis, as well as, breakdown growths, tumors and cancers.

PAU D’ ARCO (TAHEEBO) – It is a natural antibiotic. It has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal properties. It contains compounds that attacks the cause(s) of dis-ease(s). It boosts the immune system and give the body the energy needed to overcome various ailments, such as, anemia, arteriosclerosis, asthma, bronchitis, leukemia, cancer, cystitis, diabetes, skin problems (boils, ringworm and etc…), external sores, wounds, cuts, pain, venereal dis-eases (Herpes Simplex etc…) and much, much more.

MYRRH – It is a natural antibiotic and blood purifier. It acts as an antiseptic on cuts, infections, sores and wounds. It treats and heals bad breath, gums, mouth sores, sore throats, toothaches, cankers, boils, ulcers, digestive disorders, nervous disorders, menstrual cramps, diabetes (hypoglycemia). 

BLACK WALNUT (Nuts and Hull) – The nuts and green hulls of black walnut (Juglans nigra) are loved by herbalists for their ability to cleanse the blood and the intestines. It is excellent for all skin problems, rashes, boils, poison ivy, worms, ringworms and parasites. In conjunction with wormwood, cloves and garlic it will cure cancer. The powder may be used for brushing the teeth to restore the enamel, prevent tooth decay and gingivitis. Black walnut hull is used to cure fungal infections. The juice from the green hulls are used to kill parasites. Only green hulls should be used.

WORMWOOD – Wormwood: The herb long has been used in herbal remedies to rid the body of pinworms, roundworms, and other parasites. It is recommended for the treatment of liver insufficiency, kidney,  edema, anemia and absence of the menstrual cycle. It is also good for anxiety and gout and it is generally good for all the diseases that involve the retention of water in tissues. It is also used for antispasmodic, flow of bile, menstrual irregularities, sedative, stimulation of physiologic processes, general health joint inflammation, digestion; nutrient absorption, anorexia nervosa, antitumor activity, wound healing, muscle sprain, gall bladder dysfunction. 

CLOVES – Cloves essential oil is used to dissolve eggs found in the intestines that have been left behind by worms. It’s believed to be the only herb that actually does destroy almost all parasite eggs. When used in conjunction with black walnut and wormwood, the trio break the parasite’s life-cycles. Clove is also antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. Clove oil has powerful broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties.

CHAMOMILE – Chamomile is an excellent cleanser for  those with drug withdrawal(s). It is used for expelling worms, parasites and eliminate childhood dis-eases, such as, mumps, measles, and chicken poxes. It prevents cold, flu, swelling, and inflammation. It soothes, headaches, migraines, toothaches, earaches and all pains. It is good for wounds, insomnia, nervous disorders, and digestive disorders.

THYME – Thyme is one of the best herbs for stimulating the thymus, a major gland of the immune system. Thyme helps stimulate the body’s natural defenses and works very well with echinacea to boost the ability of our immune system. Oil of thyme can eliminate growth of many parasites, and it kills them in the intestinal tract.

OREGANO – Oil of oregano is infused with extremely high levels of free-radical-crushing antioxidants, and it is antiparasitic, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal. It is a powerful, indiscriminate killer that can reset the microbial environment in the intestines. Many studies show the effectiveness of oil of oregano with everything from parasitical infections to cancer.

GOLDEN SEAL – The Herbal Cure-All. The natural penicillin of the herb kingdom. Its antibiotic action is very similar to Tetracycline and Streptomycin. It is excellent whenever a problem arises in the body. It is definitely the herb to used when you do not know what other herb to take. It is used to heal, eyes, chicken pox, burns, skin dis-ease, infections, liver problems, digestive problems, ulcers, bronchitis, diabetes,  cancer and etc…

YELLOW DOCK – It is a natural antibiotic. It is one of the best blood purifier in the herbal kingdom. It is especially good as a  body cleanser. It cleanse the lymphatic system and tones the entire bodily system. It has been used for ear infection, eye problems, skin problems, venereal dis-eases, childhood dis-eases, digestive disorders, pancreas problems (diabetes), cancer, tumors, growths, liver problems, bladder issues, gall stones, spleen problems, pituitary gland issues, gout, inflammation and etc…

DIATOMACEOUS EARTH – Food grade diatomaceous earth absorbs methyl mercury, E. coli, endotoxins, viruses, organophosphate pesticide residues, and drug residues. Its positive effects include killing intestinal parasites, balancing the intestinal flora, killing viruses, and absorbing toxins. It’s great for intestinal cleanses, purges heavy metals, toxins and negative (excessive) bacterias. The only side effectknown is its ability to irritate the lungs if inhaled; it is a very fine powder.

Add in probiotics and enzymes… when together they are known to
For many more choices for internal parasites, as well as a specific protocol that I personal use “WORM AWAY” an ANCESTRAL HERB product of the HEALING WINGS MINISTRIES, possibly the best on the market as it contains all of the listed herbs above.

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