Auras & Ethereal Angelic Bodies; Our Soul Remembers this Melody

Auras & Ethereal Angelic Bodies; 
               Our Soul Remembers this Melody

Auras refer to the fine outline of bodies (both living and nonliving) that are the result of latent energies that emnate from objects. The United Washitaw Sciences on auras has always been amongst the highly evolved Nations. We can see pictures of Divinities depicted with golden-hued aura to show that they possess great psychic and occult abilities. Though not everyone perceives auras, it is possible for everyone to learn how to perceive auras. There is a belief that the aura around a person is the result of the etheric body/ subtle body. In holistic healings, it is believed that any injury to the physical body is also reflected in the ethereal body as energy disturbances. Unless the energy disturbances are rectified, complete healilng is not possible. Conversely, by healing the ethereal body and correcting the energy disturbances around the site of an injury, the process of healing can be effected.



How to perceive an aura:

Let the person whose aura you want to identify stand against a plain background in an adequately lighted room. Concentrate on the spot above the person’s head. In a few minutes, you will be able to sense a sort of outline forming around the head and face. This is aura. With practice, you can even identify a person’s aura against complicated backgrounds!  To identify the colour of an aura is not a gift that is universal. All can identify auras and the thickness of the auric field, with the desire and the practice towards this skill and its development  However, once you start identifying the auric field around a person, you will be able to perceive the positivity or negativity of that person even without identifying the corresponding colors, through inter wishing.  Kirlian photography is another way to see the truth in this Ancient United Washitawian practice.


The purity of the auric field is affected by thoughts. Once the auric field is vibrating with positive energies, the physical body also acquires a spiritual lustre. Anyone who meditates, or exercises mental faculties to an optimum level will develop a powerful aura that will attract everyone. This is explained as the concept of “Tejas” (spiritual glow) in Indian culture. You can see this in holy persons of all religions!


Ways in which one can increase the auric field and psychic energies:

The extent of auric field around an individual varies widely depending on a number of factors like karma of the individual (this is the subtle secret how some psychics are able to decipher destinites just on seeing an individual), mental intensity of the individual, mood/affect, etc. There are psychics and pranic healers whose auric bodies extend as far as 6 inches around their physical bodies (normal values are between 1.5 and 2 inches). We can consciously increase the extend of our auric bodies by simple Indigenous procedures, such as, Sun Gazing, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Reiki, Positive thinking, Tantra, Meditation.

United Washitawians who meditate, the increase in energy around the auric field can be felt. While meditating, if the same persons plant their tongues firmly on the upper palate of the mouth, the extent of auric field will increase immediately though temporarily. By prolonged meditative practices in the above posture, one can develop the extent of the auric body.

If the potential of the auric body is well developed, one can develop ESP abilities. This etheric body can assume forms, go to places where your mind commands, and perform activities that seem to be miracles!

Generally, a person with a well-developed auric body is perceived in a positive light by even those who cannot actually perceive auras. There are occult practitioners who energize their auras with positive feelings by saying simple words like “I am a beacon for greatness  and received well by everyone… I am very respectable… Earthlings finds me honest and trust worthy…..”etc. by looking at yourself in the mirror, the feelings get conveyed into the auric sphere, and as these higher thoughts vibrate from your being, people who come into contact with them get influenced positively!

The secret behind the power of positive thinking is nothing but the power of the aura. The source of aura is believed to be from the ajna chakra (the psychic energy plexus between the eyes, often termed as the “Third Eye”). By meditating on the space between the eyebrows, one can develope PSI abilities. This ajna chakra is a veritable transmitter/ receiver antenna! Thus Mind reading, thought transferring, telepathy, healing, automatic rejuvenating, etc. all of these things are what can be easily accomplished with minimum of practice if the practitioner is dedicated, motivated, and regular in their exercise.


In modern society, we live so far away from our natural surroundings, and are pampered by gadgets of all types that we have forgotten our natural gifts. However, they have their relevance even today. What is more, the exercise of these abilities will make our existence even more interesting and meaningful! 
Written by Khadirah EL-Bey, the Divine mate of Dr Alim El-Bey whom you know as a professional Educator we conduct classes on meditation, alternative healing methods, energy field activation, Reiki Certifications, Life Coaching, Law, sincerely. We can be contacted at for professional consultations Donate at the link below,   We value the space we are building called the Healing Wings Retreat.  Visits us on December 12-15 2014 , as we hold nothing back and build in the Wholistic Sciences our Ancient United Washitawian ancestors Practiced

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