Health-Benefits of Qigong:

Image                                        Health-Benefits of Qigong:
1.  Improves the motion of blood
2. warms the blood and enhances whole body circulation. 
3. Stimulates healthy appetite 
4. sex function
5. assimilation of nutrients digestion/elimination 
6. Accelerates metabolism weight loss/gain 
7. decreases need for sleep/promotes endurance
8. Bolsters immunity by reducing cortisol, the catabolic hormone an inhibitor of cytokine. 
9. Develops dexterity, reflexes. Weight bearing Qigong prevents Osteoporosis in clinical studies. Opens arteries allowing greater brain-based microcirculation to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
10. Enhances mental acuity, focus and concentration. The Qi draws focus and trains the mind. Helps us to calm down, relax and become more peaceful.
Remarkably improves results of hands on healing, such as Reiki. Deepens connection with our SPIRIT connecting us to God/Source.

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