7 Major Prophets

Last week I taught you what the 7 Major Prophets actually are symbols for the 7 Major Endocrine Glands…for those that didn’t get it, you are invited to attend the Healing Wings Online Classes,
Nevertheless, the meaning of the 7 Elohim (Gods/Goddesses)

… “HOLY BIBLE OLD TESTAMENT PSALMS 82:1” “GOD standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods (Elohim)”… 6. “I (GOD via David) have said, Ye are gods (Elohim); and all of you are children of the most High…

“HOLY BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT JOHN 10:34,” “Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I (Jesus) said, Ye are gods (Elohim)? 35. “If he (David) called them gods (Elohim), unto whom the word of GOD (ELOH) came, and the scripture cannot be broken;”

Pthah-IL (Ptah Re) became the Gnostic demiurge “Iadalebaoth, occupying a position immediately below the “UNKNOWN FATH-ER.” IADALEBOATH is said to have generated the (7) Seven ELOHiM (Ang-ELs) in HIS own image: 1. IAO, 2. SABAOTH, 3. ADONAI, 4. QURAIOS, 5. ELOI, 6. ASTAPHAIOS, and 7. ACHAMOTH. In Phoenician esoteric teachings, HE was one of the (7) Seven ELOHiM, Creator of the Visible Uni-Verse. Origen referred to HIM as the C-REator of the (7) Seven, and spoke of Iadalebaoth as BEing the second name of MichaEL. In the BOOK OF ENOCH 1, Iadalebaoth is equated with Sam(ma)-EL as the fallen Ang-EL and as the SupREme Hierarch of the Order of Thrones.

Uriel, the “Light/Fire of God”, or “God is the radiating principle of Light,” the Angel or Angle of Light. The “Angel of Light” is also the (Latin) Roman mythology ‘Lucifer’ for the planet Venus. Uriel symbolizes the planet Venus and in the occult field the planet Venus represents Melanin also. Lucifer means, “Light –Bearer” or the “Light-Bringer.” Uriel is one of the seven archangels. According to Judaic lore, Uriel was put in charge of Tartarus (another name for Hades or Hell [“First Chakra” or “Root/Base Chakra, the abode of the Kundalini). Uriel holds the keys of Hell and will do away with the gates of Hell on Judgment Day. He is the Archangel of salvation. The ruler over magick, devotion, alchemy, sudden changes, (“The Winds Of Change”), astrology, universal cosmic consciousness, divine order, distribution of power and universal flow, emergencies, judgment, enlightenment and insights. ALLegorical 7 ANGELS, as they symbolizes the CHAKRAS…

1. Ur-i-EL (Lucifer) (Root/Base Chakra)
2. Sama-EL (Navel / Sacral Chakra)
3. Gemi-EL (Solar Plexus Chakra)
4. Rapha-El (Heart Chakra)
5. As-Ra-El (Is-Ra-El) (Throat Chakra)
6. Gab-ri-EL (Jesus) (Forehead / Third Eye Chakra)
7. Micha-EL (Christ, Muhammad) (Top of the Head / Crown Chakra)

In the Hebrew traditions, he is known as Michael, “He who dares to be like God” (the Pine-al gland or the crown [top of the head] melanin-energy seat/seal called the Auric-Halo). Dr. Alim El-Bey

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