Pharell taps into his Indigenous Roots in the Elle UK June Issue. We say GREAT

Pharell taps into his Indigenous Roots in the Elle UK June Issue. We say GREAT
This article is obviously meant to encourage the children of the Real Native Americans. The entire world knows the truth of history that has been hidden. Pharell wore a headdress on the Elle UK cover. Which to those in the know it’s GREAT!!!! We are proud of Elle UK and Pharell Indigenous shout outs for tapping into being happy and into his stolen aboriginal roots. Those that have issue innately know that they will be reviled for selling out the darker skinned aboriginals. See for yourself in the video below created just for you and yours.

MoorOver Let us look into The “WEBSTER’S UNIVERSAL DICTIONARY 1937 Edition” as it defines an ‘American’ 1. An aboriginal, or one of the various copper-colored natives found on the American continent by the descents of European settlers. The following is the original application of the name Meru. COPPER COLORED NATIVES a copper penny is depicted below next to two different skin complexions. Can you tell which one is copper colored? Pharell, the Editors, and Author’s of Elle UK, can.

In the book “HERU-TAGE RA-STAU-RED Vol. II” by Julio L. Rose, he states, “The word ‘America’ was developed from the Medu Neter name ‘MERU,’ which means ‘LEADER,’ ‘CHIEF,’ ‘RULER,’ etc… The word ‘AMERICA’ bears no relevance whatsoever to Americus Vespucius. This word is also borrowed by the Arabic language, and is called AMIR, meaning RULER, CHIEF, GOVERNOR, PRINCE, etc.” Indigenous –

“WEBSTER’S SEVENTH NEW COLLEGIATE DICTIONARY” defines Indi-genous – [LL indigenous, fr. L indigena, n., native, fr. OL indu, endo in, within (akin to L in and to L de down) + L gignere to beget] 1: produced, growing, or living naturally in a particular region or environment 2: INBORN, INNATE syn see NATIVE. According to “BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY, 7th Edition, “Natural Person. is Indigenous; Native; the original or natural inhabitants of a country; Of or relating to Birth/Natural Child as distinguished from an adopted child, untouched by civilization which explains who has rights according to nature and who does not.”
UNITED NATION’S DEFINITION: “Indigenous …those people having an historical continuity with pre-invasion and pre-colonial societies consider themselves distinct from other sectors of the societies now prevailing in those territories or parts of them. They form at present non-dominant sectors of society and are determined to preserve, develop and transmit to future generations, their ancestral territories, and their ethnic identity, as the basis of their continued existence as peoples in accordance with their own cultural patterns, social institutions, and legal systems”. ONLY the Natural Person or the Sovereign person of the Land can make a law that is in harmony with the Universe for the Land, which has to be agreed upon by the Sovereign Power, and anything to the contrary is not withstanding. ONLY a Natural Person is in balance with Natural Law!”
INTER-AMERICAN DECLARATION ON THE RIGHTS OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLE – Draft approved by the IACHR at the 1278 session held on September 18, 1995 SECTION ONE: ‘INDIGENOUS PEOPLES’ Art. 1. Definition. 1. In this Declaration indigenous peoples are those who embody historical continuity with societies, which existed prior to the conquest and settlement of their territories by Europeans. (Alternative I) [, as well as peoples brought involuntarily to the New World who freed themselves and re-established the cultures from which they have been torn]… 2. Self-identification as indigenous or tribal shall be regarded as a fundamental criterion for determining the groups to which the provisions of this Declaration apply.

Pharell we see why you apologized in order to maintain your status quo and your endorsements. However the Real Indigenous Aboriginal natives to the Americas have nothing to lose in stating and standing by the truth.

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