“HOLY BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT Corinthians 3:16.”  “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God  dwelleth in you?” 17. “If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the  temple of  God is holy, which  temple ye are”…

1 Corinthians 6:19-20. “What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.”

Let’s look at the prophets esoterically (inner meaning), as compared to exoterically (outer meaning, literal, historical etc…), according to the “HOLY BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT Revelation” (to Reveal) or “AL INJIYL” states that there are “Seven  Seals”  

7. MU-HAM-MAD is the “Last Seal of the Prophets,” thus, symbolizing the element PRANA and/or the “Last Seal in Man,” the Crown ChakRA (actually, there is a Photonic galaxy-like cloud [the internal replica of the external Milky Way galaxy] that hovers over the Pineal Gland that teleports the Spiritual Soul [Astral or Star Body] upward each night to explore the Milky Way). Thus, the origin of Al Majji (Night of Power) of Prophet Muhammad who traveled up into the (7) Sevens Heavens to see the prophets, angels and GOD on a white-horse type-creature/animal (Note: In Greek mythology the flying white-horse is Pegasus. In the book of Revelation, Jesus comes out of Heaven on a flying white-horse and he we have Muhammad flying on a white-horse called the ‘Buruq’ meaning “Shining Light”. The Kundalini Shakti force appearance is whitish-silvery in color, like the element Mercury. Also, Mercury was the Greek Mes-senger (Note: Mes is short for Mes-siah) god. His Roman English transliteration name was “Quicksilver.” His Hebrew equivalent is the Arch-AngEL Gab-ri-EL (Geb-RA- EL), the “Messenger of GOD”. According to the “HOLY QUR’AN”, who came to Prophet Muhammad and taught him? Gab-ri-EL! The ‘Buruq’ is the animal (lower) nature (mind/self) of man, called the Kundalini Shakti Force that rises up through the “Seven Heavens” called the “Seven ChakRAs”. 

6. JE-SUS allegorically, stated that when the “Eye is single, the body is full of Light,” thus, symbolizing the element MAN-AS or MAN-NA as in the Son of MAN, the Brow or Third Eye ChakRA (actually, the “First Eye” or Pine-AL Gland [triangularly shaped like the head of the Penis or Pine cone shaped. It is the fruit of the “Tree Of Life”] via the Pituitary Glands).

5. MOS-ES allegorically, stated “Let my people go” yet he was NOT eloquent in speech and at one point his brother A-ar-on (Aton-RA-On) had to do the talking for him, thus, symbolizing the element ETHER, Throat ChakRA and/or Thyroid and Para-Thyroid Glands.

 4. DAVID means in the Hebrew dialect “Be Loved,” thus, symbolizing the element AIR, the Heart ChakRA and/or the Thymus Gland.

 3. AB-RA-HAM allegorically, came from the “Land of UR.” ‘UR’ means ‘Fire’ in the Chaldean-Hebrew dialects, thus symbolizing the element FIRE, the Sol-AR Plexus or the Pancreas organ. Also, Chaldea means “Abode of Demons”. The Solar-Plexus is part of the four-Devils.

2. NOAH built an Ark/Boat (the Uterus is shaped like an Ankh or Ark and the Womb is the Boat that was filled by the “Waters of Life” or Semen/Sperm) to survive the 40 days and 40 nights of rain water that fell to the Earth, thus symbolizing the element WATER, the Navel-Sacral ChakRA and/or Uterus (Womb-Man) and Prostate Gland or Sperm Palace/Manufactures DNA (Man). In the Sacral Plexus, a triangular shaped area at the base of the Spinal Column up from the coccyx or tailbone area, exist the Blastula Pores of mitosis or the eight dividing cells of Physical Life that NEVER changes your whole entire Life. They are the matrix ‘Architect’ or “Master Builder” or Hiram Abiff (Asaru) or “Teacher of the Father” of Physical Life. In ancient Ka-MA’at (Egypt) they are 1. SHU, 2. TEFNUT, 3.
GEB, 4. NUT, 5. ASAR, 6. ASET, 7. SET and 8. NEBT HET all which was produced by ATUM (Atom, Adam or Adam Kadmon) who emerged from NUN or NU as in NU-AKH or NO-AH or Life as it emerges from “Triple  State of Blackness” or “Triple Stage of Darkness.” Therefore, Noah represents the “Primordial Waters of Life.” In other words all Physical Life emerged from the unseen-invisible-spiritual Atom (Heavenly Man [Man means ‘Mind’], thus Higher Mind) to a seen-visible-matter or material state (Fallen Man, thus Lower Mind). 

1. ADAM was “made from the dust of the ground or clay,” in ‘GENESIS’ (meaning “Genes of Aset [Isis]”) from the “HOLY BIBLE” (meaning from Greco-Roman word “Helios Biblios. The English translation is “Sun Pages” or “Sun Book,” in other words, originally, conveyed by the true MA-SONs or “Children of the Sun” or “Born from the Sun  [Atom or rather Adam-ite].” In the “HOLY QUR’AN” [meaning “Sun Cycle”] Adam was made from “Black Mud,” in other words, “Black Matter,” “Dark Matter,” “Mel-Anin” or  “Celestial Dust”) thus, symbolizing the element EARTH, the Base or Root ChakRA and/or Testes and Penis (Penial Gland [triangular shape head of the Penis or called “Little Head”] sounds phonetically similar to Pineal Gland or “Big Head”). Therefore, let’s stop thinking with our “Little Head,” because it is bound to leave us dangling! Learn the sciences of Tantra Kriya Yoga, Tao Sexology and the “Secrets of Regeneration.” Sex is NOT just for the purpose of ‘Reproduction’. That is just one of its two facets. The other is for the purpose of ‘Regeneration’. This is one method of how we attain “KNOW-LEDGE” … “Adam knew Eve and she conceived.” Knew or to Know-Know-ledge is equated to Sex-ual Intercourse via Conception. Thus, God had to know and experience IT-SELF through ITS vehicles of duality, called Man and Womb-Man (Sex or Gender).

NONE of these Prophets existed under the guise as you have been taught. (Note: If you take the Vow-EL [medu neter] or the “Sacred tones Of God” out of the word ‘ChakRAs’, we would get ‘Chkrs’. And if we take the vowels out of Churches [Note: The Seven Churches mentioned in the “HOLY BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT Revelation {Injiyl}”] we would get ‘Chrchs’ now, compare the consonants (Note: The word ‘consonant’ is phonetically, linked to the word ‘constant’, which can be defined “that which remains the same”) ‘Chkrs’ and ‘Chrchs’. If you do NOT remember grammar/English class, you were taught that the ‘K’ sound makes the ‘C’ sound and in some instance, the ‘Ch’ sound. Therefore, the letter ‘r’ is the only letter out of placement but all the ‘consonants’ are the same. This is a great my-stery (my-story) in the “HOLY BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT Revelation”).

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