The altar or shrine must consist of the Seven ELements,   

  1. Earth – [Apparent Solid/Skin, Ectoderm, Mesoderm, Endoderm] (Adam) – Food, Pennies (Copper), Shells, Crystal(s) and Magnet(s)
  2. Water – [Liquid/Blood, Plasma, Hormones] (Noah) – Glass of Water (Libations), etc…,
  3. Fire – [Gas/Tissue/Muscular] (Ab-RA-Ham) – Candle(s) [The Seven RAinbow spectrum colors (and more) enhances health, protection, prosperity and spiritual blessings], 
  4. Air – [Chemical Ether/Cellular] (David) – Incense(s) (The average person breathes [3]     three cubic feet per hour or an individual take a breath of compressed air at 15 pounds per cubic inch, heat it, then blow it out. Just as the Sun  pulls on space, heats matter from space, then blows it out in the form of a Solar Flare. Which by the way, creates the atmosphere of the Sun, then exhales in an Earth volcanic eruption, which simultaneously, creates the atmosphere of the Earth) A Human Cell contains 20 Billion Exponential Bits of Information.
  5. Sound – [Life Ether/Molecular] (Moses) – Voice (spoken in your head, whispered and   finally audible [out loud]); drums, bells, flutes or other musical instruments may be used;  Gin, Vodka or Rum (Spirits or Liquors in small quantities, especially for those ancestors that may have had a drinking problem; (Sound travels at the rate of 1,120 feet per second),
  6. Light – [Light Ether/Atomic/Manas] (Jesus) – Properly attuned First Eye (Third Eye) and Auric Field (Light travels approximately 186,000 miles per second),
  7. Thought – [Reflecting Ether/Sub-Atomic/Prana] (Mu-Ham-Mad) – Intentions,     Affirmations (Prayers, Decrees) and Frequencies (Repeated often, so that it is believed (known) and felt throughout one’s core BEing) (Picture[s] should be placed on the altar and mirror[s] can also be used. The Magi concentrates on the problem or question, and then stares into the mirror from which he receives a vision, which he interprets (Example). (Thought travels approximately 24 Billion miles per second). * Vibration moves at the rate of 77 billion billionth miles per second. (Note: The names of the biblical Prophets can be culturally exchanged or replaced, because they are fictional characters, meaning that they never existed physically). Also, an individual’s thoughts have to be pure before doing any ritual or ceremony. If NOT, possession can occur because some spirits are good, some spirits are bad (Perception[s] of the said individuals Mind). There are a variety of  sacred items or empowered objects, which can be utilized to enhance the communicate between the physical and spiritual realms, such as, pictures, candles, water, shells, mirrors, bells and etc…  According to “AKAN PROTOCOL: REMEMBERING THE TRADITIONS OF OUR ANCESTORS,” by Nana Akua Opokuwaa “…The ancestral altar allows us to establish that communication with our personal Ancestors in a real way. We can touch the altar (Note: A tangible item or object is necessary for the Left-Hemisphere of the bRAin to identify with), and feel the presence of those ancestors while we sit there, and talk there. It is our very own connection to those Ancestors who can help us…deceased relatives and construct altars in their homes containing photographs of their ancestors.” Thus, in times of celebration or crisis, a person can offers thanks or calls on her/his ancestors for guidance, help or blessings. Therefore, use the previous pictures shown of our great Af-Ra-Kam /Afu-Ra-Kan or Mu’ur (Moor) heroes and place them on your altars or shrines. People  that are connected to their Ancestors:  First Eye [Third Eye] is focused, to     receive messages from the Spirit world about life choices, thus you do NOT     have to make any decisions without first being properly guided. Never feel alone, therefore are less likely to be sad and/or depressed. Get along better with living family members. (unless its not a part of your astrological/personal destiny or family karma [Har Ma]). Are protected better against strangers or those with harmful intentions. When  you acknowledge your Ancestors be sure to call on the (7) seven generations on your Mother side and the (7) seven generations on your Father side (Note: It symbolizes the 14 chopped up (cut up) body pieces (parts) of Asaru [Osiris] and14 Phases of the Moon) or 1+4=5, as in the five senses.   
    In doing so, we transform a so-called dead relative into a living ancestor. Because every person that apparently dies is NOT considered an ancestor, but a “dead relative,” until those that are living, 
  1. acknowledges and honor’s the apparent dead in thought and though ritual and/or ceremony (deeds and act-ions). Thereby, the ancestors are kept alive on the various astral planes. The title ‘ancestor’ is reserved for the deceased that were held in high regard, while living on Earth. In apparent death, these BEings are trusted to provide support and protection for those invoking their spirits (Low Magick).  “HOLY BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT Romans 8:14, 16 17,” “For as many as are led by the Spirit of GOD, they are the sons (and daughters) of GOD… 16. The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of GOD: 17. And if children, then heirs; heirs of GOD, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together.” Therefore, the evolved Ancestors (internal and external DNA) are joint heir with Christ (Higher Mind) and are the Mediators (Hearts or Essences) between Man (Lower Self) and GOD (Higher Self).    RIGHTEOUS   Someone who died of old age from natural causes is  held in high regards. Or someone that died apparently in war for  a just cause. Someone that is highly respected that  followed a defined moral code and passed on the ethical code of their  family elders and ancestors before them.  Someone that had  children during their lifetime. An exception is occasionally made  for those that are barren in life, this would based on if they did  some  exceptional for their community or  family. ~Anyone that served as a link between the living material world and the Spiritual world(s) – priests (occultists, mystics), mediums (speak in tongues), psychics (prophets), musicians (ritual), etc. Ancestors are known to the do the following:  
  1. Act as a mediator (Mind, memories) between Man and GOD
  2. Give protection, act on your behalf  and fight your enemies (“Venegence is mine’s saith the Lord.”)…So that you don’t have to act, except in extreme cases, because there is a time of  ‘War’ and a time of ‘Peace.’ (HOLY BIBLE Ecclesiastes 3:8)
  3. Help determine if the people around  you are friends or foes Provide perfected insight on matters that has confused you.
  4. Keep you grounded and connected to family energy.

The following individuals are not considered ancestors, but dead relatives:  UNRIGHTEOUS  People that commit suicide. 
Criminals, thieves, murderers, liars,     etc.  General non-repentive, sociopathic, psychopathic poor character: promiscuous, cowardly, deceitful, etc.  Young people that die unexpectedly or in tragedies.  People that die without children (see above for rare exception) People that did not display wisdom or spiritual understanding, overstanding or innerstanding of life.    …”push back” the unworthy – you can not come to my shrine if you are a pedophile (molester), committed suicide, died as a child, were a thief, lied a lot, were overly emotional, were an adulterer, or an unjust murderer etc…
(Note: “Dead Relatives” are those that are in the afterworld or are on the astral plane (possibly lower) but receive no honors, like praises, poems or sacrifices etc. They are NOT consulted, NOR are they afforded a direct link to the Godhead, so that their living relatives can gain divine insight. Even so, these individuals can be prayed for by those [usually, it is family members or friends] still living on Earth to help strengthening them, while on the lower astral planes, so they could learn viable lessons in the afterworld, what they were unable to learn on Earth and help them transcend to higher astral planes. So that when they re-incarnate [re-birth, born again] they will do so as a more evolved BEing; in a better life and environment. It is also said that once the ancestor has resolved their guilt-ridden issues on the Astral Plane, the collective ancestors that are called/invoked will allow them into the fold. (Note: Brother Bobby Hemmitt states, that “when your relatives die they go into  you!” In other words, the Ancestors are your DNA or genes)! Dr. Asaru Alim Nu Tu’pak El-Bey, excerpt from “OUTER THE WOMB, INNER THE MIND

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