The seven churches mentioned in the Apocalypse of Saint John are not on the continent of Asia, but is Asia meaning the ‘Body”. The ‘Body’ of land in this case is the human body.

The seven churches are in the spinal column (called Assiah in Kabbalah). The seven
churches are connected to the seven chakras.The Apocalypse (Revelation) of Saint John is a book sealed with seven seals. This book is the Human Being. No one except the Lamb (symbol of fire), the Innermost which lies within us, can open this book and remove the Seven Seals. The seven churches are seven nerve centers in the spinal column that are connected to seven superior senses (chakras).

EPHESUS: The first church is the Church of Ephesus. It is located in the coccygeal cavity. Within it is the sacred serpent (Kundalini), the metal snake, the bronze serpent made by Moses that healed the Israelites in the wilderness. Ephesus is connected to the Chakra Muladhara.

When this church is opened, we acquire power over volcanoes and earthquakes and over the creatures that live under the ground.

SMYRNA: When the serpent reaches the prostate, it awakens the second Church of Smyrna, and we acquire power over water and storms. Smyrna is connected to the Chakra

PERGAMUM: When the sacred serpent rises in the central channel of the spinal column to the level of the navel, the third church, the Church of Pergamus, is awakened.
We then acquire power over lightning, fire, and erupting volcanoes. We can
command volcanoes, and they obey us. We can command fire, and the universal fire
obeys us. Pergamus is connected to the Chakra Manipura.

THYATIRA: When the snake reaches the heart, the Church of Thyatira is awakened.
This church gives us power over cyclones, over the breeze, and over hurricanes.
Thyatira is connected to the Chakra Anahata.

SARDIS: When the sacred snake reaches the level of the throat, we can hear the speech of the angels, the words of the souls of the dead, etc. This is the Church of Sardis. Sardis is connected to the Chakra Vishuddha.

PHILADELPHIA: When the sacred snake rises through the spinal column and reaches as high as the brow, then we can see things of the other world: astral light, the souls of the dead, archangels, seraphim, powers, virtues, thrones, etc. This is the Church of Philadelphia and it is connected to the Chakra Ajna.

LAODICEA: When the snake reaches the upper part of the cranium, the Church of Laodicea opens. This is the diamond eye. The one who opens this eye knows all the things of heaven and earth. He becomes terribly divine. He sees everywhere; he is aware of everything. Laodicea is connected to the Chakra Sahasrara.

After this, the soul unites with the Innermost and becomes a master; prophet, wise man, enlightened being, possessor of power. He sees all, hears all and ignores nothing.
Once the soul has united totally, absolutely with the Innermost, then it becomes and angel. Angels are perfect people.

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