Look at the movie DEVIL’S ADVOCATE, it shows the white [pale] man as the Devil. Don’t trip. I didn’t write the f-cking movie script. “WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY” still got the word Black as meaning, a wicked person or devil and some are (Black Devils…Dr. Richard King in “AFRICAN BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY” and “MELANIN, THE KEY TO FREEDOM” states, “60 to 80 Europeans have calcified Pineal Glands (Third Eye Blind); 20 to 35 Asians and 5 to 15 Af-RA-Kam au/Africans [African-American]). Therefore, those branded Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, or White person…anyone that has a calcified Pineal Gland is relegated to utilizes primarily their reptilian bRAins. And when the reptilian bRAins is used primarily on a consistant or constant bases, he or she (branded black to white) becomes and/or is a devil! The reptilian or bRAin stem actives the first two lower chakRAs (This is the real meaning behind David Icke’s reptilian shit). The two chakRAs are the Base/Root (MuladhaRA) located at the base of the spine and the navEL plexus chakRA or sacrAL plexus (In Hindu/Vedic tongue it is Svadhishthana and in the Orient/Asia/China, it is called the Dan Tien, a storage place of cosmic energies). This chakRAs’ nega-tive qualities is self-centered, violence, anger, greed, insecurity and an overly concern with one’s physical survival. The first two chakRAs are also, the indwelling abode or located area of the KUNDALINI SHAKTI/SHIVA (SekhMA’at, Sekhem, Shekinah, Sheikh, Chief) while in its half-sleep state. The KUNDALINI is the ALL-PERVADING Energy of/in the U-N-I-VERSE; its SUB-ATOMIC/ATOMIC/MOLECULAR/CELLULAR Energy. The first chakRAs’ color is red (Ego). Just like it was taught to us as children that the Devils’ color is red too. He wears a red suit. He has a red tail and red horns etc…The first chakras’ EL-ement is Earth and according to the English transliterated term (words) “HOLY BIBLE, ” taken from the Grecian term “HELIOS BIBLIOS, ” which means “SUN PAPERS” or “SUN PAGES.” The Grecian (Greek) term “HELIOS BIBLIOS” was originally derived from the ancient Kama’atian/Egyptian word “RA PAPYRUS.” RA means “SUN” or “RAys” and “PAPYRUS” means “PAPER[S]” or “PAGES.” Thus, the “HOLY BIBLE actually, means “SUN PAPERS, ” “SUN PAGES” or “SUN BOOK.” And we (Melanites) are the “CHILDREN OF THE SUN” or “RAs CHILDREN” or “PHREE MESSENs” or “FREE MA-SONs” (MU-SLIMS Sons) or PEACE MAKERS (MU-SLIMS) by NATURE (NETER-GOD). (I might have gone a little too deep! But if you can handle it read on)! Moreover, according to the “HOLY BIBLE” Adam was made from the dust of the ground. In the “HOLY QU’RAN” (Note: “HOLY QU’RAN”…HOLY which is a Latin word comes from the Greek word “HELIOS” meaning “SUN” both derived from the Kama’atian/Egyptian word “RA.” “QU’RAN” an Arabic word, actually means “CYCLE, ” eventhough some translates it to mean “RECITE.” Its semantics because “CYCLE” or “RECITE” implies a “PATTERN” or “MODE of MOTION.” This is why it is spoken of in the lessons that a “QU’RAN equals a 25, 000 years and history is renewed every 25, 000 years. In other words, the name “HOLY QU’RAN” implies on a metaphysical level, the SUN/RA-ISAU HERU/ISA, JESUS traveling in a PATTERN [CIRCLE] through the 12 ZODIAC/DISCIPLES approximately every 25, 000 years or 25, 928 to be right and exact [Note: Eventhough, actually Time does fluxuate…it is NOT a constant!] Also, each of us, have 12 pairs of Cranial Nerves in the bRAin that sits around “THE ONE” (As in the movie) PineAL Gland in a circle. Like King Arthur and his 12 Knights at the round table? Or Jesus and his 12 disciples at the last supper? Interestingly, those 12 pair and pair means two and 12×2 = 24, symbolizing the 24 ELders that sat around the throne of GOD, which is mentioned in REVELATIONS. Master Fard Muhammad (David Ford EL) taught Honorable Elijah Muhammad via, tha “SUPREME LESSONS” the 24 ELders are also called the 24 Scientists. Yacub (Jacob or Supplanter), one of the 24 Scientist actually, symbolizes the (external/exoteric) “Sun” or the (internal/esoteric) Cranial Nerve pair “Locus Coeruleus.” Moreover, the “HOLY QU’RAN” states, Adam was made from “BLACK MUD” meaning esoterically, “MELANIN, ” the “KEY CARBON ELEMENT OF LIFE.” In fact, in REVELATION, “here’s wisdom…the number of MAN is 666, ” meaning esoterically, 6 EL-ectrons, 6 Neutrons, 6 Protons. On the periodical chart in Chemistry/Biology class, I was taught that CARBON is the 6th EL-ement! Melanites (branded Black people) are “CARBON UNITS, however, the Caucasian (Permenant Albinos) have NO to very little (insufficient) MELANIN are “CARBON BASED UNITS.” So, theTRUTH can’t be F-ucked with! However, I must admit that In most spiritual circles, the ego gets a pretty bad rap. The reason for this is that the ego, to some extent, is the principle in our psyches that separates us from one another, while spirit is the principle that shows us that no such separation exists. Sometimes the ego is depicted as an almost demonic figure that keeps us from realizing our true nature. But at its most basic, the ego is simply a tool that helps us organize the various aspects of our personality so that we can function in the world. In this sense, the ego is simply a way for us to understand and attend to ourselves at the same time as we understand and attend to the world around us. The ego is a tool that we use to navigate the world. 
Perhaps the problem is that the ego sometimes gets out of control. This happens when the higher self loses control of the psyche. The psyche then falls under the leadership of the ego, an entity that was never meant to lead. The ego is meant to be definitively in the service of the higher self. When this relationship is functioning, the ego is a useful intermediary representing the whole self but not thinking that it is the whole self. Then, it is almost as if the ego is the self playfully pretending to be the separate entity called “I.” Like an actor, the ego plays the roles that the world asks us to play in order to be part of the program. In this way, the ego can be a tool enabling us to be in the world but not of it. As long as we are in touch with our higher selves, our egos are not a threat. They are simply useful tools in the service of spirit. We keep our egos in check when we continually nurture our awareness of who we really are. Then our egos are free to serve without trying ineffectually to rule. It is healthy to have ego, but like all things in life, ego functions best when it is in balance and harmony with your whole self.

Anyway, the first chakras’ functions are: Gives vitility to the physical body. Life Force, Survival (You Niggers [ignorance ones] on FIGHT or FLIGHT mode), Self Preservation (You Niggers [ignorance ones] on ME, MY-SELF & I shit), Animal Instincts (You Niggers [ignorance ones] on “Monkey Sex, ” or Be[a]st-iality instead of Tantra Kriya Yoga [Tantra Sex] or Taoist Sexology [Taoist Love]). The second chakra functions as, procreation, assimilation of food, sexuality, physical force and vitality. Its color is orange. Its negative qualities are sexual addiction, jealousy, confusion and a desire to possess another human being (Sounds familiar? You Niggers, always state “That’s my man!” or “That’s my wombman”)! The non-melanated consciousness does NOT see the interconnectedness and interdependency of ALL things in creation. It destroys that which it does NOT understand, overstand and/or innerstand. It oppresses and enslaves that which it can physically overpower. It breeded millions of hu(e)man beings for the sole purpose of enslavement. It murders, exploits and manipulates nations of people, without any regard for their right to life, liberty or their pursuit of happiness; and has had trhe audacity throughout history to do so “in the name of (white) Jesus!” What a mockery, that truly confirms just how disconnected from GOD this being is. I am a Sociologist or rather a Behavioral Scientist, my diagnosis is simple…those that exhibits these traits/symptoms are “Sociopathic and Psychopathic individuals!” Bobby E. Wright PhD. said it best “Psychopaths ignore the concept of right and wrong”…”The psychopath…is in constant conflict with other persons or groups”…”The majority of psychopaths (appears to) function very well in society. They are generally average or above average in intelligence and have engaging personalities…They appear to be very honest and humane, but really have no concern or commitment except to their own selfish interests. Psychopaths will consistantly make commitments that they have no intentions of keeping…and anger when their integrity is questioned”…”BEHAVIORAL SCIENTISTS GENERALLY AGREE THAT THERE IS NO KNOWN CURE FOR THE PSYCHOPATH. IN FACT, IT IS A WIDELY HELD BELIEF THAT THE ONLY SUCCESSFUL TREATMENT FOR THE PSYCHOPATH IS INCARCERATION, RADICAL PSYCH-SURGERY, OR DEATH!!!” Therefore, anyone that dwells on their lower mind/lower nature/lower-self, such as, the so-called Illuminati(Mother F-ckers please, WE ARE THE REAL ILLUMINATE(D) ONES. They”re currently, holding our jock straps!) or KillumiNAZIs and their puppet constituency fits the bill, as the 1% attempts to run every facet of the 99% life or in the terminology of the Nation of Gods & Earths (Goddesses), the 10% Blood Suckers of the Poor that lead the 85% Deaf, Dumb and Blind the wrong way; makes it (so) hard for the 5% to lead them right. If you want some more of this “REAL SHIT!” buy my tapes…or others! Check the myspace blog(s)! My website is It has conscious cultural, historical, esoterical and/or metaphysical books, conscious/awareness tapes and other Af-Ra-Centric paraphernalia (clothing, necklaces, rings, etc…). My other website is

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